Flag Registration

Register Any Type of Pleasure Boat & Yacht under various available Flags worldwide.

Registering boat in Croatia for charter business can be a long and painful process. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, we can make that process faster and do all the necessary legal steps, on your behalf.

According to the Croatian Ministry of Sea, a charter activity in Croatia may be conducted by:

1. a vessel of Croatian nationality

2. a vessel of the EEA Member State nationality or

3. a vessel of a third-country nationality for which authorization for cabotage has been obtained.

Seaworthiness of a vessel (Article 4)

(1) The vessel referred to in Article 3 of this Ordinance shall meet the following conditions:

1. shall be registered for economic use in the state of its nationality

2. technically fit for conducting charter activities in the Republic of Croatia

3. shall have the minimum number of crew members of adequate qualifications

4. shall be in possession of other valid certificates and books complying with regulations of the flag state and

5. shall be in possession of a third-party liability insurance policy also covering harmful events in the internal waters and the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia.

(2) In addition to the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, a vessel of third-country nationality shall obtain from the competent authority of the Republic of Croatia an authorization for temporary admission of goods with partial relief from import duties, or shall present such valid authorization obtained from another EU Member State.

(3) Where, in the state of nationality of a vessel, the obligation to register a vessel or the obligation to register the use of a vessel are not iredentu, the provisions of regulations relevant to meeting the requirements referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall apply to a vessel

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