Why Croatia?

Croatia’s extraordinary coast has long lured sailors to its shores. 2000 km of beautiful Adriatic Coast, more than 1000 islands and islets, peaceful island villages or hedonistic party towns, turquoise water and delicious local food are just one of the reasons why charter industry in Croatia is growing by each day.
It is one of the most easily identifiable coasts in Europe.

Nautical tourism in Croatia is comprised of two major tourism activities: cruising and yachting.  The boating season in Croatia is more than six months a year thanks to the dry and warm summers and moderate winters. Visitors can schedule sailing tours, island hopping tours, day trips, races and a slew of maritime activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming.

According to Croatian Ministry of Sea 2017 statistics, there are:

  • 57 marinas in Croatia
  • 80 nautical harbours (anchorages, berths, dry marinas)
  • 3,711,951 sq.m area of aquatourium
  • 17,067 number of moors in the sea
  • 62,993 is the total length of coastline suitable for moorings (in meters)
  • 741,681 is the total surface area of marinas on land (sq.m)