Yacht Financials

Buying a yacht which you will register for commercial purposes, with benefits of using it 4 to 6 weeks per year, is a good way many yacht owners choose to offset operational expenses.

Which expenses are covered?

Depending what type of Yacht Charter Management Contract are you using. There are many offers from different charter companies about ways of:


- Simple monthly billing

- Full maintenance schedule reporting

- Fixed annual maintenance fee

- Refit requests by owners are quoted and charged separately


- Guaranteed fixed income

- Zero cost

- Flexible owner usage of the yacht

- Secure revenue


Generally speaking, putting your yacht into charter should pay for yearly mooring fee, routine maintenance and insurance.
Also, if you are considering selling your boat as a return on your investment, a yacht that is available and marketed for charter, has a higher profile relative to one that is only available for private use.

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